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Sep 8, 2021

In this episode, we talk with Natalie Dudding, Vice Chair of the SAR Internship Committee. Natalie discusses her experience being part of this committee, the history of the committee and what they are looking for from both mentors and interns.

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Aug 20, 2021

3 Characteristics Top Producers Have in Common

Through his experience as a REALTOR®, Johnny shared with us a few key characteristics that he’s noticed top producers all have in common – here’s the summary:

  1. Rabid Learners/open minded/read books/attend seminars/they pick up information/education everywhere
  2. Have a...

Apr 21, 2021

On this episode we hear from Chris Kennedy, mortgage professional with Reliant Lending, and he speaks about an issue that many REALTORS and lenders are experiencing - the Appraisal Gap. Chris breaks down what this means and how you can best prepare yourself and your clients to clear this hurdle. 

Chris Kennedy

Feb 19, 2021

Our panel of successful property managers addresses the current state of property management and how the pandemic has affected the industry.

What you'll get:

• California’s statewide rent cap law
• Challenges due to the pandemic
• State and local eviction moratoriums
• Finding accurate rental comps in a...